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From: Tribunal to the JAIAC

Secretary General,

The Tribunal, having considered that in the discharge of their duties in this case, they would be greatly assisted by the appointment of a Secretary to the Tribunal, and after having consulted with the Parties and after having had no objection from them, request that the JAIAC appoints a Tribunal Secretary in this matter. The appointment has been considered necessary as it is apparent that this case will involve considerable documentation and other administrative functions.

The Tribunal therefore proposes to have the JAIAC appoint [AB] of [name of organization] [address] as Secretary to the Tribunal for the duration of the proceedings.
A copy of his/her CV is attached to this Notice.
[AB] has confirmed that there is no conflict of interest, and that he/she would be independent and impartial.

The Tribunal have/have not previously worked with AB in this manner on [number of] occasions. [AB] is employed to [ ] where [Neutral] works as [ ].

If this appointment is confirmed, [AB] will be required to make a declaration in like form to that made by the members of the Tribunal and the appointment will be made conditional upon satisfactory completion and submission of such declaration.

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