From: JAIAC to the Tribunal

Tribunal, Consequent upon the Request for Appointment of Tribunal Secretary, which has been agreed by the Parties, the JAIAC now appoints [AB] as Tribunal Secretary, on the following conditions:

1. [AB] has confirmed that there is no conflict of interest, and that he/she is independent and impartial.

2. [AB] has satisfactorily completed and submitted the declaration of independence and impartiality, a copy of which is appended to this letter.

The costs for the services provided by the Tribunal Secretary will be shared equally by the Parties and will be included in the [final statement of fees, costs and expenses] in the proceedings.
effective date
Secretary General of the JAIAC


Claimant’s Attorney/Representative

Respondent’s Attorney/Representative


Undertaking to Act in Accordance with the [ laws, rules, terms of reference]

I, [NAME], hereby agree to serve as Administrative Secretary to the Tribunal in [Case No.] between (Claimant) and (Respondent).

I agree to act in accordance with the [law, Rules, terms of reference] on the Conduct of the proceedings.

As required by the authorities previously cited, I am impartial and independent and intend to remain so. To the best of my knowledge, and having made due enquiry, there are no facts or circumstances, past or present, that I should disclose because they might be of such a nature as to call into question my independence in the eyes of the Parties, and no circumstances that could give rise to reasonable doubts as to my independence and impartiality.

I hereby undertake to keep confidential any and all information I receive as a result of my participation in these proceedings, as well as the contents of any award made by the Tribunal.

This obligation of confidentiality shall continue after completion of the arbitral procedure.
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